Hi, I’m Taija.

I'm a body-positive personal trainer based in Asheville, North Carolina.

I help women and queer people* find the power and strength that is already in their bodies.

*(and other open-minded folx)

Taija Ventrella - west-asheville-private-fitness-studio.jpg

You’re here because you:

• Don't want to work out in a noisy gym in front of a bunch of “jocks” or with a drill sergeant trainer,

• Are struggling to hold it all together with everything going on in the world and in your life, and want to feel more powerful,

• Are tired of society’s narrow beauty standards that don’t make room for the beautiful variety of bodies in the world.


Working Together

Instead of an extreme, competitive vibe in a loud public gym, I’ll help you develop a loving and appreciative relationship with your body through dynamic movement in a fun, safe, private, and positive environment.

About Taija

I'm a Nationally Certified Personal Fitness Trainer. I love working with people who, like me, feel disenfranchised from typical fitness settings and communities, and with people with physical and emotional limitations to exercise.

My Values

Screw society's beauty standards and fitness trends that are extreme just for the sake of being extreme. My work is based on strong personal values of body positivity, social justice, and long-term health and happiness.