Personal Fitness Training

Are you ready to find the strength within your body and claim your power in the world?

Personal trainer Taija Ventrella working out in her private fitness studio in West Asheville.

Truly Personal, Truly Unique

Every personal trainer out there will tell you that their program is personalized to your needs. But in reality, most of them are just giving you the kinds of workouts that they like to do–some of them even repeating the same workouts for decades.

As a migraineur and a certified Asheville weirdo™, I do things differently.

Instead of a “no pain no gain” vibe in a loud public gym, I’ll help you develop a loving and appreciative relationship with your body through dynamic movement in a fun, safe, and private environment.

Let’s get fit in a way that respects and celebrates physical differences, and gives your body what it needs to feel good each day

  • Are you a woman or queer person who’s sick and tired of patriarchal beauty standards?

  • Do you feel disenfranchised from typical gym settings?

  • Are you wary of “extreme” fitness programs that aim to push you past your limits?

  • Do you have a complicated relationship with your body – perhaps due to identity, trauma, or pain limitations?

  • Are you ready to build a new relationship with your body – one that’s loving and gentle, not shameful or critical?


If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.
Because I think you are fucking magical.

My name is Taija, and I’m a personal trainer based in Asheville, North Carolina. My passion is helping people like you find the strength that is already in your body, so you can claim your power in the world.

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What To Expect

My Studio

I work with clients at my private studio in the heart of West Asheville. It’s conveniently located off Haywood Road, a stone’s throw from Earthfare and New Belgium Brewery. (Street parking is always readily available in front of my building.)

The studio space is colorful, bright, and clean with crystals that throw rainbows across the walls. I’ve designed it to be a space that both my clients and I can feel at ease and inspired in.

Each session is just you and me (and, if you like dogs, sometimes my dog Diego will join us). So you don’t have to worry about anybody judging or watching you work out. We’ll work at our own pace, and we can set the lights, temperature, and music to your preferences, making your workouts a truly personalized experience.

Your Free Studio Assessment

Your studio assessment is complementary and lasts from 30 to 40 minutes. This time is all about us getting to know each other, and me getting to know your body.

I’ll learn all about your background and history, your relationship with your body (as much as you’re comfortable telling me), and your hopes and dreams for your future – both in terms of fitness and how that fits into the bigger picture of your life.

We’ll do some assessments to see how you move and where your body is at, then devise a plan to get you moving and feeling good! We’ll finish out the session by going over our options for training together, and I can answer any other questions you may have.

Let’s talk for 15 minutes by phone to see if we’re a good fit – then we’ll schedule your free studio assessment.

Workouts Customized to Your Body

Depending on what we find after our initial session, our workouts might take a couple of different paths.

A slow start might feel good to some new clients, whether that’s due to chronic pain or any other physical or emotional limitation. We’ll take baby steps and make sure we don’t push you past your threshold – because no matter where you are in your fitness journey, exercise should feel good! We may need to focus on mobility (flexibility through movement), posture, and stability for a time while we adapt your body to handle increasing challenges.

Other people will be ready to jump into high intensity workouts and heavy lifting right away. In that case, we’ll set some goals that make you excited to work out! Maybe you’re ready to start planning your first 5k or backpacking trip. Maybe you want to nail your first pullup or deadlift your bodyweight. Great! We’ll work on that, and still keep focus on mobility, stability, and posture.

What Working With Me Might Be Like

I offer traditional packages and monthly training memberships for increased accountability.

Typically, you’ll see me two or three times per week, depending on your lifestyle and goals. Every workout is an hour long and starts with a brief check-in about how you’re feeling.

Next, we’ll warm up with some foam rolling (an awesome form of self-massage that I’ll teach you) and mobility work. Then, in our workout, we’ll use dumbbells, barbells, Bosu balls, medicine balls, kettlebells, bands, TRX, and a variety of other fun fitness toys.

We’ll make adjustments to your workout plan as we go. My job isn’t to give you the workout that’s on my clipboard - my goal is to give your body what it needs to feel good and healthy each day we’re together.

Finally, each session will end with some deep stretching and deep breathing, to bring your central nervous system back down to baseline. If we share the common interests of funny dogs or sassy cute kids, I might also show you the latest viral YouTube video on your way out :)


Other Training Options

Workout with a Friend

Got a buddy with similar fitness goals? Save some money and have twice as much fun working out together! Personal training in a two-on-one format works better for friends at similar fitness levels; I’ll be happy to talk it over with you to see if we’d make a good team.

Physical Therapy Integrated Sessions

Sometimes, due to injury, surgery, repetitive movements, or bad posture, people develop muscle imbalances that go beyond the scope of a personal trainer. That’s when I call in the big guns and have one of my Licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy (PT) check you out and advise us how to train in a way that's safe and healing.

Depending on their assessment, one of three things may happen:

  • You may need to go through physical therapy before safely exercising;

  • You may be able to do physical therapy in conjunction with personal training, or;

  • You may be able to work with me alone, on a program that integrates the specific exercises and advice from the PT.

Already working with a PT? I’m happy to get in touch with them regarding your program. (Note: You may need to sign a release form for their office.)

Body-Positive Group Fitness Classes in West Asheville

Take Up Space!

A body-positive, 30-minute bootcamp-style workout

7:30am Tuesdays & Fridays, in a 6 Week series, Starting January 28

30 Minute "quickie" workouts consist of a warm up, 20 minutes of circuit training (scalable based on your fitness level and skills), followed by a cool down and stretch out. Focus on functional movements, core strength, and posture.

No shame, no judgement, just endorphins!

Coming Soon: Online Programs

Ready to start working out and building a positive relationship with your body? Six week online programs to do at home or in a gym.


How to Get Started

Schedule a 15-minute phone consultation, where we’ll see if we’re a good match.

Once we make sure our schedules and styles are compatible over the phone, we’ll schedule your free studio assessment.