“Taija’s approach is intuitive, gentle, knowledgeable, and exciting. I am pushed to my limits every session, and having a coach who believes in me gets me there. The sessions are reintroducing me to my amazing body, and helping me see the potential it has.”

– Caroline W


“I initially began working with Taija in order to get back in shape after spending too much time sitting and studying for nursing school. I quickly learned that my exercise-induced migraines, which I had previously just learned to deal with, were actually something that I could control. Taija taught me about restructuring my neck and back muscles through dynamic warm-ups, foam rolling & targeted exercises to reduce the incidence of migraines.

I have become physically stronger and immensely more confident because of Taija’s guidance. I have learned that chronic pain, even minor pain, can be alleviated by the implementation of smart body work. Sometimes it takes a professional to give you the tools to heal yourself and to make you stronger, and Taija is an incredibly kind and motivational professional to do just that.”

– Claui S RN, BSN


I’ve been training 3 times a week with Taija for several months – both in one-on-one sessions and in group classes. I love it, and plan to continue working with Taija for the foreseeable future!

– Beth T


Taija was always prompt, positive and encouraging during our workouts at the Rush. She knew how to push me just a tad past my limit without me totally giving in. She also had many creative strategies and tools that she utilized. I highly recommend her!

– Kristina OH


“Taija’s nutritional guidance, and genuine care about my well-being, has made a complete difference in my life. I am now a healthier person, and I couldn’t have done it without her support!

Taija goes above and beyond traditional physical training, including a customized daily warm-up, a plan for the days I didn’t work with her, expert nutritional guidance, and she modified/created new workouts to go easy on my knee injury. She was highly recommended by my physical therapist, and she had regular communication with him, and incorporated his therapy moves into my workouts.

Taija’s positive, motivational attitude is genuine and also goes above and beyond other trainers. I highly recommend her for anyone who is wanting to improve themselves, or just become healthier!”

– Holly H


Taija really knows her stuff! Safe, effective, targeted, intelligent, sustainable strength training. She pushes your edges enough to get great results while always honoring your limits. She will meet you where you are and take you beyond where you thought possible.

– Laura Lochbaum, LMBT


“Taija is an amazing personal trainer who inspires me with every training session we have together. She created a personalized training plan and helped motivate me to reach my fitness goals. Her infectious energy and vast knowledge of body mechanics make for an amazing person trainer I highly recommend. She promotes body confidence and body awareness and I have gained so much from our sessions together. I highly recommend her!”

– Kaley F


“Taija has been a great help in my journey to take better care of my body. I have lost a lot of weight. But it has been even more amazing to see the strength that I have gained. She is body positive, supportive, and good at what she does. It has been amazing to see my body shape change over time and my energy increase. I would most definitely recommend her as a supportive. Knowledgeable personal trainer. If you need a change in your life she can help you achieve your goals.”

– Jenn A


“Such a grounded personal trainer. She designs each weekly workout specific to my needs and fitness goals, and she maintains a consistent level of safety and care. I’m finding that I enjoy working out for the first time in my life!”

– Caroline D


Taija was my personal trainer last year, and I was very happy with her expertise, warm personality and care. I recommend her highly.

– Grace S


“Taija has gone above and beyond in assisting me with my fitness goals. She comes from a passionate place in her work as a trainer and I feel like I get a holistic and very thorough approach to my training program. She is also great to work with me and my hectic schedule. I’m very pleased with my results this far and would be happy with a lifetime relationship in the gym with her. I have really been feeling better, looking better, and living better. Working with Taija has been one of the best things I could have done for myself.”

– Luke D


“Taija seems to have an intuitive understanding of the kind of training the body needs for specific things. I was anticipating a period of hard manual labor after sitting at a desk for several months. She knew just how to get me prepared.”

– Mark Henderson, Solar Developer